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18.May.2000. 1-needle needle feed side cutter lockstitch sewing machine with thread trimmer (LS2-H5500) was developed and produced.
06.Feb.2002. Changed the company name to UNICORN INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE CORP.
20.Aug.2002. 1-needle long arm lockstitch sewing machine with thread trimmer(LS2-H5110) was developed and produced.
16.Apr.2003. Computer controlled pattern sewer(UAS-H1407) was developed and produced.
20.Apr.2003. 1 & 2-needle post bed sewing machine(LT5-H710-1/2) was developed and produced.
20.May.2003. Feed off the arm sewing machine (DT6-H892) was developed and produced.
Took the prize of 10 million Export achievement
27.Feb.1991. Took the prize of Export Excellence from Korean Sewing Machine Associatio
30.Sep.1991. The introduction for 5sets of F.T.L(HE-4) to process ARM
30.Dec.1992. 1-needle high speed lockstitch sewing machine with thread trimmer(LS2-H5100) was developed and produced.
12.Jun.1993. The introduction for 5sets of F.T.L(HT-4) to process BED
Established the Technical Research Institute developed and started to produce 2-needle machine(LT2-H620/H6200 & LT2-H625/H6250)
and 1-needle compound feed machine(LT2-H650/H6500)
30.Dec.1997. Developed and started to produce 1-need long arm upper & lower feed machine(LS2-H540/H5400) and 1-needle chainstitch button sewer(CB3-H303)
15.Mar.1998. Obtained the ISO 9001 Certificate
04.Feb.1999. Developed and started to produce 1-needle needle feed machine(LS2-H520/H5200) and 1-needle side cutter machine(LS2-H530/H5300)
22.Dec.1999. Appointed as a good company for the relation between Capital and Labor from the Government
30.Nov.1987. Took the prize of 1 million Export Achievement
30.Nov.1989. Tokk the prize of 5 million Export Achievement
05.Nov.1975. Introduction the machinery for ARM, BED process
25.Jun.1966. Established the Myung Sung Industrial Co. which was tied up with Mitsubishi Electrical Co.Ltd Japan